Greyhound Racing South Australia (GRSA) is the controlling body of greyhound racing in South Australia and is responsible for the integrity and probity of South Australian greyhound races and race meetings held in South Australia conducted under the Rules of Racing.

Section 62E of the Authorised Betting Operations Act 2000 (SA) (Act) provides that a person must not conduct betting operations in relation to a race held in South Australia unless the person has entered into an integrity agreement and a contribution agreement with the relevant South Australian racing authority, namely the Racing Authority, conforming to the requirements of that section.
A list of wagering operators currently approved to publish and use South Australian greyhound racing fields is available below.

Approved Wagering Operators


From 1 July 2023, all Wagering Service Providers (WSP) approved by GRSA are required to accept a fixed odds bet at odds which are publicly displayed by the approved WSP for any South Australian greyhound race to the maximum amount specified as follows:

Race Type

Bet Type (Win and/or Place)

Group 1 South Australian Greyhound Race Meetings (Final Field)

  • Currently the only Group 1 Race Meeting is the Adelaide Cup.


(*Place component $800)

(Note: total aggregated risk is $2,000)

South Australian Metropolitan Greyhound race Meetings, which are conducted;

  • Angle Park – Thursday


(*Place component $400)

(Note: total aggregated risk is $1,000)

All other South Australian Greyhound Race Meetings


(*Place component $200)

(Note: total aggregated risk is $500)


Approved WSPs must not do any act or refuse to do any act to avoid complying with the bet limits, including but not limited to:
(a) refusing to accept a bet;

(b) closing a person’s account;

(c) refusing to open a person’s account;

(d) placing any restrictions on a person’s account in relation to South Australian race product;

(e) refusing to lay a bet to any person when those odds are publicly displayed;

(f) laying lesser odds to a person than those publicly displayed; or

(g) any other act or refusal to do an act in order to avoid these provisions.


The approved WSP will not be required to comply with GRSA’s Minimum Bet Policy obligations if:
(a) The betting transaction is not a Fixed Odds bet; 

(b) The Operator’s aggregate monthly turnover on South Australian races races for the prior 12 months is less than $2 million;

(c) The Customer is not domiciled in Australia;

(d) The bet is a betting transaction on a betting exchange;

(e) The Customer has not provided the Operator with sufficient funds to pay for the bet;

(f) The bet is placed more than 2 hours prior to the scheduled start time of the opening race of the meeting/race program or after the scheduled start time of the race.

(g)The bet forms part of a multi bet;

(h) The bet is a retail betting transaction;

(i) The Operator reasonably suspects the Customer placing the bet is not the beneficial owner of the bet or the account is being used in violation of the Operator’s account terms and conditions, where the suspicion can be reasonably validated by the Operator through the provision of public records, IP address tracking, unique device tracking, or some other verifiable process or source to GRSA (if requested);

(j) The Customer account has not been verified through the required account identification and Know Your Customer processes (either automated or manually);

(k) The Operator reasonably suspects that acceptance of the bet would be in violation of their obligations under The Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Finance Act 2006 and any responsible gambling regulatory requirements.

(l) The Operator has previously closed an account held by the Customer’s because:
                   (1) The Customer engaged in activity which breached a material condition of the agreement with the Operator, unless the dominant purpose of such condition was to allow the Operator to avoid complying with the GRSA’s Minimum Bet Limits;
                   (2) There were other reasons that in the Operator’s assessment, acting reasonably, raised material integrity concerns; or
                   (3) The customer had self-excluded or the account was closed for responsible gambling reasons.

(m) The Customer has been warned off or disqualified, engaged in fraudulent activity or there are other reasons that in GRSA’s assessment, acting reasonably, raises material integrity concerns;

(n) There has been an official price fluctuation or the Operator’s own price fluctuation has legitimately changed, except:
                   (1) Where a customer has attempted to place a bet at the Publicly Displayed price and that bet has been intercepted; or
                   (2) Where a customer is offered a personalised price that is different to the Publicly Displayed price (excluding promotional offers);(in which case 
                   (3) The Minimum Bet Limit would apply to the pre-intercept price or the personalised price);

(o) The Operator has already accepted Betting Transactions up to the relevant limit specified in clause 9.1 on that greyhound from that eligible Customer;

(p) The Customer placing the bet is, or is associated with, an employee of an unrelated Australian Wagering Operator and there is a reasonably held belief by the Operator that the bet is based on betting information (including but not limited to betting trends and bets placed with that unrelated Australian Wagering operator) that is not publicly available;

(q) The bet being placed is by or on behalf of an unrelated Australian Wagering Operator where there is a reasonably held belief by the Operator  that the bet is based on betting information (including but not limited to betting trends and bets placed with that unrelated Australian Wagering Operator) that is not publicly available and, further that the bet is not a Back Bet;

(r) The Customer has been restricted to betting via a specified platform (e.g. telephone) arising from reasonably held concerns by the Operator as to robotic or systematic use via other platforms/channels;

(s) The bet is contrary to the Australasian Greyhound Rules of Racing and/or the Greyhound South Australian Local Rules and Betting Rules;

(t) The situation where there are systematic multiple identical (or similar) bets from related/connected parties or from the same IP address;

(u) Where a customer is betting from, or a bet is received from, a proxy server;

(v) The bet was a promotional bet such as a bonus bet or free bet, where the Customer has not provided payment for the stake; or

(w) GRSA publishes other exclusions or changes to the Minimum Bet framework on its website which will be amended as required.

In the first instance, customers who believe that an approved WSP has refused their bet or excluded them in contravention of these conditions should contact the WSP to ascertain the reason for the refusal or exclusion.

If the customer remains unsatisfied with the reason provided by the WSP, and they do not fall within one of the exclusions listed in the conditions, then they may lodge a formal complaint with GRSA via the online form provided below.