Greyhounds As Pets SA

An initiative of Greyhound Racing SA, Greyhounds As Pets (formerly the Greyhound Adoption Program SA) - you can also call us GAP SA - is a non-profit organisation dedicated to finding homes for both retired and non-racing greyhounds and also educating the public about the gentle nature of the breed.

Through increased public awareness, GAP SA aims to educate people about greyhounds by showing them as they really are: affectionate, gentle animals who thrive on human companionship. 

Established in 1997, GAP SA has worked tirelessly to rehome more and more greyhounds each year. Our mission is to ensure that all unraced and retired greyhounds are afforded the opportunity of finding a permanent, loving home.


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Greyhounds make fantastic pets - they're loving, affectionate and wonderful with people

Retired greyhounds are gentle, highly affectionate dogs that prefer to lounge around the house (sleeping up to 20 hours a day)

Greyhounds don't need vast amounts of space, in fact, they thrive in smaller urban spaces where they prefer to roll up into a ball and sleep the day away

Greyhounds are renowned for their superior health, particularly amongst large breed dogs

You can choose to help a greyhound transition to their forever home through fostering or make your home theirs
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