SA Breeders Support Programme set for big boost

Racing News

South Australian greyhound breeders are set for a significant boost with rebates under Greyhound Racing SA’s Breeding Support Programme to increase, effective immediately.

Under the current programme, breeding support is capped at $2800 but the total now claimable under the programme will escalate to $5500 per litter to further demonstrate GRSA’s recognition of the importance of the SA breeding industry.

Breeders claiming under the new rebate will not only be able to claim for greater amounts but also for wider variation of breeding costs including stud fees, veterinary and transport, vaccination costs and whelping costs.

The rebate will apply to all SA bred and whelped litters where the mating took place on or after April 1, 2024. 

While acknowledging that breeding activity in SA had reduced significantly in the past 12 months, GRSA CEO Brenton Scott said the increased rebate had reaffirmed GRSA’s commitment to local breeding.

“While there are a variety of reasons for the recent downturn in breeding, GRSA is very keen to demonstrate its support for the local breeding industry,” Scott said.

“SA boasts a long and successful breeding industry, and to this day, we continue to produce an excellent proportion of quality breeding outcomes.

“GRSA wants to continue supporting breeders that are showing confidence in the future that GRSA and participants are collectively building.

“We believe that the increased breeding support will allow breeders to make the best possible breeding decisions and hopefully incremental improvements to overall quality will also materialise.”

Existing support, on and above the $5500 rebate, will also continue including no fees for whelping or litter registration and a $180 rebate for DNA costs for breeding females.

While the rebate applies to litters conceived on or after April 1, 2024, GRSA will also reward each of the breeders that have supported the industry in the current financial year with a one-off bonus payment of $1000 for any litter whelped during  FY24, prior to the new $5500 rebate applying.

“We understand the challenges breeders have confronted during the past 12 months and this bonus payment is another way of acknowledging their vital contributions to our industry,” Scott said.