GRSA announces prizemoney increases

Racing News

South Australian greyhound racing will see a 5% increase in prizemoney across all levels of racing, as well as further investment in the prestigious Anniversary Cup final taking its total prizemoney pool to $50,000.

Effective from 1 December 2023, the increase is a reflection of the industry’s sound fiscal performance over the last twelve months and recognises increased costs associated with participating in the sport.

Greyhound Racing SA (GRSA) Chair Grantley Stevens said the increase in prizemoney would be felt in all parts of the state and at all levels of racing.

“In addition to the significant investments we make in our animal welfare initiatives, club infrastructure and people, we invest in prizemoney because we know that it is critical to the sustainability of our sport,” Mr Stevens said.

“When we invest in prizemoney across all grades, we see a real impact on our participants’ ability to race dogs at all levels, travel to different regional centres, maintain best practice care and re-invest back into their own facilities. 

“We trust that this increase will ease some of the pressures associated with the rising cost of living, while providing further confidence to the industry as to the success and stability of our sport at this challenging time.”

The 50th running of the Anniversary Cup was celebrated in 2022 with a significantly increased prize pool. Now, the GRSA board has resolved to increase the total prize pool for the final to $50,000.

“The annual running of the Anniversary Cup is a time-honoured tradition at Angle Park, and one that brings our greyhound community together for a celebration of our sport.

“We want to cement its place in the calendar and recognise its importance to South Australian greyhound racing with a major increase to the total prizemoney available in the final.

“I look forward to seeing the state’s best sprinters compete in next year’s race, with our community gathered to cheer them on.” 

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