Angle Park Preview - 9th May 2024

Racing News

With The Shadow currently at large,  we have our friends at SA.THEDOGS.COM.AU provide us with their thoughts for tonight’s Angle Park meeting.

Race 1 - Big night ahead with the first night of the Group 3 Howard Ashton Series. Heat one here and YODA LADY (4) would have to do something wrong to not be winning this. Is flying right now and can run times that these can't. Just needs to cross the #2. BLOSSOM MICHELLE (2) is going well, can lead but needs a break. TAPPET (6) has ability.

Race 2 - Heat two and to my eye this should be going the way of SPONTAENOUS (2). He has experience on his side and just looks to get the perfect map here. Can tag the #1 and take over coming out of the first turn. MERINDAH CITY (1) was in great form prior to the break. Can win if he returns like that. VICTA VAL (8) has a good future.

Race 3 - Looking forward to this heat with a few good dogs here, should be competitive. Got plenty of time for MAJESTIC MCLAREN (6), he's a bustling strong boy who is showing a lot more race smarts now. Think he wins if he gets some luck early. JUKEBOX DUKE (1) will get heaps of luck, just needs to take it and be good enough. VICTA CHRISSY (2) is strong.

Race 4 - If ZINFANDEL EVIE (8) is ready to go first up then she should simply be winning this race. Is a very classy performer who is nearly bombproof out of boxes. Just needs to get it right and should be too fast out in front. SOUTHERN SUN (1) is on the right trajectory and is not out of this race. Just needs to handle the track. JUST ALFIE (5) third.

Race 5 - Few chances here and with the box draw and her strength, going to put KISSES FOR AMY (3) on top. She has run good time here before and with a good start, she can find clear running on the fence. Very wary of BUSTER BRADY (4), liked the way he handled himself here last start and could well be overs. PLAY IN REIGN (8) has plenty of speed.

Race 6 - Last heat here and it's certainly interesting. PEACE BELLE (4) is flying, think she could cross to the fence, just needs to not find trouble with the #6 who wants the fence. TAILORED MCLAREN (1) was great last start, just needs to repeat.

Race 7 - Not the easiest race to work out, with a couple of good dogs drawn a tad awkwardly and a few unknowns. FEROCIOUS IVY (4) will be the play for mine, just think she has the genuine pace to offset the draw and she is strong. ASTON ARENA (2) is well drawn and will keep coming home late. LAROZA BALE (5) is a good dog. Chances don't end there.

Race 8 - Race of the night, absolute ripper. Very confident there is a great play at odds here, ROTTEN RONNIE (6) was outstanding last week, showed heaps of pace, nearly fell over and then still ran home strong. CHAPEL ROAD (4) is flying, hard to knock him, only concern is he might bump the #3 early. MIXED DOXEN (2) is going great too.

Race 9 - Good to having a staying event on an looking forward to watching ZIPPING NEUTRON (1) do his thing here. Won't be an excuse in the world with two wide runners next door and fresh off a track record breaking run last start, he will again test the clock here. SPRINGVALE REX (7) is some threat if crosses early. BANDIT HAZEL (5) was great last week.

Race 10 - Great race this with some inform chasers set to do their best. Going to steer clear of the obvious and chase some value with DASH OF BLUE (2). Playing the fact that the favourites drawn out might find trouble. KAI BALE (7) is a ripper and can win this. FANTASTIC SPIKE (8) is airborne and a huge chance again.

Race 11 - Tough race this, really hard to narrow it down. Many that can win. GLORIOUS BELLA (4) is relatively faultless early and I would back her to cross them. Will give them something to catch in front. PET DETECTIVE (8) is airborne, just needs to handle the wide draw. TERRIFIC BAZ (3) is improving quickly, needs early luck though.

Race 12 - Two dog race to end the night in my eye and think VICTA MICK (5) gets it done. We haven't seen the best of him, has a lovely stride and is strong. Can burn early and get to the lead. SIR PRINCE (7) probably starts favourite and will take some beating. PHOEBE'S BABY (3) to finish off the trifecta.

Next week's Angle Park Thursday meeting features -

$4,500 Semi Finals 2024 Howard Ashton–Group 3-530m (Classic Event. No penalties or awards apply. SA Bred greyhounds whelp Jan 22-Jun 22 & paid up Breeders 2024. Hts 9/5, $37.5k Final 23/5)
$4,050 Murray Bridge to Angle Park Mixed 5/6 N/P Final – 530m (Heats Murray Bridge 12/5/24. N/P. Must have no offences at either track)
$2,785 Maiden – 530m 
$4,050 Grade 5 Bitches – 530m 
$3,680 Juvenile – 530m
$4,790 Mixed -595m 
$7,140 Open – 730m
* Nominations close Monday 13th May with GRSA at 9.00am.

The Boy from the Bush gives his selections for tonight’s fantastic night of racing at Angle Park tonight -
First 4 selections -
Race 1 -
Race 2 - 1,2,3,6
Race 3 - 2,1,6,8
Race 4 - 8,5,1,2
Race 5 - 3,8,6,7
Race 6 - 4,2,1,8
Race 7 - 4,7,3,5 
Race 8 - 7,4,3,6
Race 9 - 1,8,7,5
Race 10 -7,8,2,5
Race 11- 7,1,8,3 
Race 12 -5,7,8,4
Best Bets: Race 3 No 2 Victa Chrissy
Best Bets: Race 8 No 7 Woodside Johnny
Eachway Bets: Race 11 No 1 Jubilant


The major race for Breeders 2024 is the Group 3 Howard Ashton. There are six $3,700 Heats tonight which are races 1 at 6.31pm to race 6 at 8.19pm on the program with the first 4 greyhounds past the post progressing to three semi finals next Thursday 16th May worth 4,500. The $37,500 Final will be run on Thursday 23rd May. There are many outstanding young greyhounds throughout the series which include the likes of Yoda Lady, Merindah City, Majestic McLaren, Zinfandel Evie, Play In Reign and Winnie McGoogan. 

There are four heats programmed for the 2023 Weblec Ace and Mepunga Blazer at Stud Murray Bridge Straight Track Cup on Tuesday with an exciting line up of local stars against very well performed Victorians. They are races 2 at 11.39am to race 5 at 12.42pm. 
The series features locals like Not For Profit, Beast Cut Loose, Boots, My Reason, Victa Marli, Oakvale Outlaw, Wild Banker, Minh Georgy, Coorong Cam, Blue Blood, Magic Poppet against high quality Victorians like Will Vanson, Daytona and star of the straight track scene Maybe Yesterday.
The racing will be fantastic with the first two placegetters from each heat qualifying for the $14,275 final on Tuesday 21st May. The box draw will be conducted oncourse after the running of the final heat on Tuesday.

The 2023 TAB Greyhound of the Year Awards were held on Saturday night at Angle Park with Zipping Neutron for Trainer Tim Aloisi being declared the winner of the prestigious award. Full list of winners below - 
2023 Starts 24-1sts 20, 2nds 2, 3rds 1
(Sh Avatar x Zipping Abby) 
Owner – Tim Aloisi & Ioannis Dimitriadis
Trainer – Tim Aloisi
2023 Prizemoney $97,264
Greyhound of the Month – June & August
Won heat & final Bayroad Queen Stayers Cup
Won final SA National Distance Championship (6th Group 1 National final)
Won Premier’s Cup
Won heat & final Bothing Gawler Stayers Cup
Broke Mt Gambier 732m track record
Won 10 races in a row and 5 in a row on two occasions.

Best Times:    42.65 (730m Angle Park)
        42.73 (732m Mt Gambier – Track Record)
        36.92 (643m Gawler)
DASH OF BLUE – 21 votes
WHERE’S POPPY – 19 votes
RAVERS ARMY – 11 votes
COULD BE KING – 10 votes

2023 SA Bred Greyhound of the Year – Joint winners

2023 SA Sprinting Greyhound of the Year

2023 SA Distance Greyhound of the Year

2023 SA Short Course Greyhound of the Year 
(For greyhounds raced in events up to 400m)


2023 Sennachie Award of Excellence 
(SA Bred and predominately SA Owned which raced with an Interstate trainer for 2023)


2023 Outstanding Service to Industry Award
David and Ruth Lewis – Nominated by Jason Newman (Mt Gambier GRC) and presented by GRSA Industry Director Ray Fewings

2023 SA Stud Dog of the Year
Worm Burner - 151

2023 SA Brood Bitch of the Year
Springvale Bryne - 99

2023 SA Breeder of the Year
Gavin Harris – 296 points

2023 SA Owner/Trainer of the Year (Tier 3)
Gavin Harris - 80

2023 Club 100 – SA trainers with 100 or more Winners for the Year
Tracie Price    229
Ben Rawlings    186
David Peckham    150
Tim Richards    137
Nicole Price    136
Clint Trengove    111
Jack Trengove    111
Donald Turner    103

2023 SA Syndicate of the Year
“My Four Girls” Syndicate – 77 wins
Manager – Susan Schadow

2023 SA City Strike Rate
Tim Aloisi – 52.56%

2023 Gawler Trackstar Award
Go Go Snow – 40 starts (13/10/5) Trainer – Michael Stewart

2023 Run Of The Year 
Lena Jinx (November) 

Trainers are reminded that Rule 25 (Minimum Vaccination Requirements) took effect Monday, 1stMay, 2023. Vaccination Certificates must be received by GRSA prior to close of nominations for affected greyhounds to be considered eligible for nominating. It is also imperative that once the greyhound has been vaccinated the paperwork is lodged by yourself as soon as possible. Trainers are also reminded that they must not have their greyhound vaccinated within 5 days of racing. Should this occur, the greyhound will be scratched from its engagement or if paperwork lodged after an engagement and discovered the greyhound raced inside the 5 days then the matter will be referred to the stewards.

Greyhound Racing South Australia (GRSA) is pleased to announce the introduction of Tuesday night meetings at Angle Park, commencing next Tuesday on May 14, 2024.  The Tuesday night meetings are designed to meet demand, providing more racing opportunities for lower class greyhounds within SA. 
The meetings will be time graded, with 10 races of six dog fields. The meetings will operate in tandem with Saturday morning race meetings which will target greyhounds of the same class with the racing distance at both race meetings restricted to 342m. Excess nominations are currently received for Saturday morning meetings.  The Tuesday meetings will provide a further outlet for greyhounds that are nominated for the Saturday mornings and are not provided with a starting opportunity. Greyhounds falling into this category will be granted preference rights if nominated for the subsequent Tuesday night meeting.

With Saturday morning and Tuesday night meetings being restricted to 342m nominations, opportunities for 530m time graded greyhounds will be programmed for other Angle Park dates. Trainers are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the details for the Tuesday night meetings, changes to the Saturday morning meetings and updated trialling times for Angle Park.

Please be advised that with Angle Park to race on Tuesday night from this Tuesday the trials will shift to Wednesday night. The starting times remain the same at 6pm with the booking process and times the same as normal. Please be mindful that Bingo utilise most of the Chasers Restaurant on this night so please be aware of this while oncourse.

Participants are advised that mowing will occur at Virginia each Thursday morning until further notice, to ensure the maintenance of the venue is maintained.

The Murray Bridge GRC request that if trainers wish to use the emptying out facilities at Murray bridge they are required to pick up after their dogs showing consideration for other users.

A reminder to ALL participants that daylight saving has started so please be sure to check kennel times and start times of events to ensure nothing is missed.

As its Non Daylight saving the Murray Bridge trials will revert back to at 4:00pm start.