Angle Park Preview - 1st February 2024

Racing News

Can’t believe we are already at the start of February and tonight here at headquarters, we have a strong 12 event program that we can have a lash at and back some winners. The highlight are the four heats of the SA St Leger (races 2 through to 5) and all heats are more than handy. As always make sure you have a crack at the Trifectas and First Fours, that’s where we can win a few extra dollars.

Race 1 -  1,2,5,7
Race 2  1, 8,2,4
Race  3  1,4,7,5
Race  4  5,1,4,8
Race  5  5,4,7,8
Race  6  6,2,1,8
Race  7  2,6,4,7
Race  8  8,2,7,4
Race  9  4,2,8,6
Race 10  1,5,7,8
Race  11  1,6,8,3
Race  12   5,2,7,4

Best Bets
Race  2 No 1 Ferocious Ivy
Race  5 No 5 Zinfandel Evie
Race 12  No 5 Could Be King
Best Each Way
Race  3 No 7 Rico Nismo

Trainers are reminded that Rule 25 (Minimum Vaccination Requirements) took effect Monday, 1st May, Vaccination Certificates must be received by GRSA prior to close of nominations for affected greyhounds to be considered eligible.


The Boy from the Bush gives his selections for tonight’s wonderful night of racing at Angle Park tonight -
First 4 selections -
Race 1 -
Race 2 - 5,2,1,8
Race 3 - 1,4,7,5
Race 4 - 1,5,4,8
Race 5 - 8,5,4,7
Race 6 - 5,6,1,8 
Race 7 -
Race 8 - 8,5,2,7 
Race 9 - 2,8,4,6
Race 10 -5,1,7,8
Race 11-1,8,6,4 
Race 12 -5,1,8,2
Best Bets: Race 9 No 8 Max Rocha
Best Bets: Race 10 No 5 Red Hot Bandit
Eachway Bets: Race 2 No 5 Spontaneous

Next week's Angle Park Thursday meeting features -

$14,275 SA St. Leger Final – 530m (For greyhounds whelped on or after 1/7/21. Hts–1/2)
$3,680 Fastest Forward (1-4 Wins) Final–530m (Hts Sat 3/2/24. N/P Selected Worst to Best of this category. Final will be 8-dog +reserves, comprising greyhounds running the fastest times in Hts, regardless of finishing position in Heats. Any race on the program)
$4,050 Murray Bridge to Angle Park Mixed 5/6 N/P Final – 530m (Heats Murray Bridge 4/2/24. N/P. Must have no offences at either track)
$4,055 Grade 5 Masters - 530m (For greyhounds 3¾yo or over at time of nom - must have raced previous 6 months or qualy trialled in that time. 4yo & higher will have pref. N/P)
$4,790 Mixed – 595m
$3,680 Juvenile – 530m 
$7,140 Free For All – 730m
* Nominations close Monday 5th February with GRSA at 9.00am.



Four terrific heats have been drawn tonight for the 2024 SA St Leger series at Angle Park. There are some outstanding young sprinters engaged throughout the series all looking to qualifying for next weeks $14,275 final on Thursday, 8th February. 

The first heat is race 2 due to start at 6.55pm SA time and features three Metro winners all from last week. Ferocious Ivy for Ben Rawlings which ran 31.12, Victory Club for Rob Harnas who ran 31.06 and Blue Intensity for Kirin Corby which rated 31.04. They are the three big guns in the market however there are plenty of nice greyhounds engaged which could cause an upset.

Race 3 is heat 2 at 7.13pm and features impressive last start winner Peaky Boo for the Ben Rawlings team which ran a sizzling 30.53 last week in leading throughout. He’ll be challenged by the impressive Magical Mystic for Bosco Stamenkovic who has returned to her brilliant best with two strong wins at Gawler. While Group 3 Brian Johnstone winner Rico Nismo for Richard Pearce should be powering home over the concluding stages.

Race 4 is heat 3 at 7.34pm and looks and looks a match race on paper between the Ben Rawlings trained Riot Rooster shooting for 8 wins form just 10 starts and the Gavin Harris trained Springvale Rita who created a huge impression with her last start win in a blistering 30.28. They wont want to make any mistakes however as there are some nice types waiting to cause the upset.

The final heat is race 5 due to start at 7.55pm and is probably the most even heat with a number of chances engaged. There is nothing between the quartet of My Khaleesi and Tex’s Ear for Ben Rawlings, Zinfandel Evie for Gavin Harris and Fantastic Ada for Liz Chegia will luck in running likely to play a huge part.

The first two from each heat will qualify for next week’s final with the box draw to be conducted oncourse after the running of race 6 tonight.

GRSA advises that the second payment for the 2024 Gawler Produce series will be due on Friday, 9th February. Please contact GRSA for further information if required.

The low grade series in February at Angle Park is a Maiden/Grade 6 series over 595m with $4,050 Heats on Thursday, 15th February with the $5,810 Final on Thursday, 22nd February.  
• Nominations for the Heats close Monday, 12th February at 9.00am. 

The SA Local Match Race series coined “The SA Eastar” will be held on Thursday night, 28th March (Easter) at Angle Park. 
Eligibility for South Australian local greyhounds will be based around the Nationals conditions. They will need to be trained in SA 76 days out of the last 150 prior to the close of nominations. 
Selection for this series will only be based around winning times at Angle Park. For greyhounds that have run over the 530m at Angle Park on any meeting since 1st November, 2023 their fastest winning time will be recognised and put them on the list for selection. 
The head to head matches will be decided based on the final listing and nominations. Match 1 will be 1 v 4, Match 2 will be 2 v 3, Match 3 will be 5 v 8 and Match 4 will be 6 v 7. There will be no manual selection from the Grader. The top 4 seeded greyhounds will be rewarded with more prizemoney. 
Winners of match races – Match 1 – 1 v 4 $4,500, Match 2 – 2 v 3 $4,000, Match 3 – 5 v 8 $3,500, Match 4 – 6 v 7 $3,000 There will be $500 Runner’s Up. Overall SA Eastar winner (based on overall times) - $6,000, second $2,500, third $1,500. 
Those greyhounds that have won at Angle Park since 1st November, 2023 are (Top 15 – subject to eligibility) GRSA will separate equal times to a third decimal point if required closer to the event– (updated 31/1/24) 
1. Fiorano – 30.15
2. Adhana Rico – 30.27 
3. Springvale Rita – 30.28 
4. Where’s Poppy – 30.37 
4. Victa Marli – 30.37
6. Long Haul – 30.41 
7. Minter Redeem – 30.45 
8. Bobby Axelrod- 30.48 
8. Carton Of Bear - 30.48 
10. Dash Of Blue - 30.49 
11. Unholy Reign - 30.53 
11. Peaky Boo – 30.53
13. Mepunga Roz – 30.57
13. Dazzling Cruiser – 30.57
13. My Khaleesi – 30.57
16. Riot Rooster – 30.59

GRSA will allow trialling opportunities in a lead up to this series to be conducted on a race night with dates to be advised. These trials will be run between races at the discretion of the stewards. Trainers must book these trials with Greyhound Racing SA by 11.00am on the day. 

Greyhounds will be eligible to trial at the total discretion of the Grader where a trainer may have to provide information in support of trialling. Local eligibility conditions still apply.

Each greyhound will only be allowed to trial once in an effort to improve their position or obtain a spot on the list.

For a number of years GRSA has supported our staying ranks by running these events with a minimum of 4 runners. GRSA has tried to encourage this pool to grow at the expense of other events on a program, even with such small numbers. However, from meetings drawn in January 2024 any staying event programmed will need to be a minimum of 5 runners to be considered in the program. This will affect the Angle Park 730m, Murray Bridge 680m and Mt Gambier 732m. 
GRSA will continue to review processes in relation to the field size and scheduling. 

In July of 2022 after consultation with the ICG, GRSA introduced a restriction on the number of Breeders Support Claims that could be applied for in a 12 month period to assist with sustainable breeding. At the most recent ICG meeting, held this week, and after reviewing current and forecast breeding numbers it was agreed to remove this restriction effective immediately in support of our current breeders. There is no retrospectivity regarding claims that were not processed due to the policy at the time. Please contact Racing Manager, Shaun Mathieson for further information if required.