Angle Park (Night-TAB) City A

Start: 23/11/2023 2:30PM
Track: Angle Park
Nominations Close: 20/11/2023 9:00 AM

37,500 Brian Johnstone Final – Group 3 – 530m (see Heats for conditions. Heats Thurs 9/11/23, Semis 16/11/23)
$3,855 Murray Bridge to Angle Park Mixed 5/6 N/P Final – 530m (Heats Friday 17/11/23 N/P. Must have no offences at either track)
$3,505 Grade 6 Bitches Only – 530m
$4,210 Mix Masters 530m (For greyhounds 3¾yo or over at time of nom  - must have raced previous 6 months or qualy trialled in that time. 4yo and higher will have preference. N/P)
$2,650 Open Maiden – 530m
$3,505 Special event Grade 5 (worst to best) – 530m (One 8 dog field will be graded from the Weighted Points Score table of Grade 5 pool of greyhounds worst to best grading.No guarding & no reserves. Trainers cannot nom for event. N/P)
$6,015 Special Event N/P-595m (all greyhounds considered.G5 must advise if do not want a start)